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Greystone: Our Members’ Home Away From Home

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The Hollis family became Greystone Members in 2021. This decision, Marshall Hollis reflects, was one of the best he and his wife Erin have ever made for their family.

Their daughters, Bellalise and Annalise, thrive in this community where they can make new friends as well as strengthen relationships with their classmates who are also Members. Many Greystone families agree that the Club is much more than a place to play golf. For a lot of families, Greystone functions as an extension of home.

The Club offers a unique space where families can come together to celebrate holidays, learn or sharpen their athletic skills, or share a delicious meal together without anyone having to cook. Top it all off with an excellent staff and it doesn’t take too much explaining as to why so many families consider Greystone their home away from home.

Family-Focused Seasonal Events 

Since becoming Members nearly two years ago, the Hollis family has taken every opportunity they can to enjoy their holidays at Greystone. From the Dickens Christmas Dinner, to Easter brunch, to Father's Day feasts, the family loves celebrating at Greystone. “We want to use the Club as a place to make memories and share good times as a family,” says Mr. Hollis.

“We feel like we've experienced the full calendar of events here at Greystone.” From Easter egg hunts, to celebrating the 4th of July, to attending the annual Spooktacular Festival each October, the Hollis’s make the most out of the Club’s offerings as a family.

“There's something going on every month. We always look forward to receiving the quarterly newsletter so we can start penciling in items on our calendar.”

Be it spending quality time together after church at Sunday brunch or attending a holiday event, the Hollis’s love that Greystone has become their go-to place to make memories as a family. 

While the Cat's Away, The Mice Will Play!

Both Mr. and Mrs. Hollis work as attorneys–Mr. Hollis at Protective Life and Mrs. Hollis at Bradley Arant in Birmingham. For families where both parents work, it can be difficult to find age-appropriate childcare during the summer months. “Greystone has been great for that,” says Mr. Hollis.

For the past two summers, the Hollis girls have attended camp through Greystone. “This summer they did a tennis camp, as well as a golf camp towards the end of June. They enjoyed both thoroughly,” recounts Mr. Hollis.

Parents everywhere can agree that they would much rather their children be active during the summer than sitting around the house staring at screens. The Hollis’s are not too keen on their kids being on electronics all day. “The camps through Greystone certainly keep them active, busy, and out of trouble,” laughs Mr. Hollis.

The Hollis’s and other families who utilize Greystone’s summer camps are granted peace of mind knowing their kids are in a safe environment where they can learn, play, and make memories.  

Come celebrate life's biggest moments and make memories that will last a lifetime. Discover a welcoming community at Greystone that is ready to embrace you and your family wherever you are on your life's journey.
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