For the Greystone Community, the Best Place to Celebrate Independence Day in Alabama is at the Club

Independence Day at Greystone Golf & Country Club

It’s easy to find Greystone Residents, Members, & guests who believe the best place in all of Alabama to celebrate the 4th of July is at the Club. 

Many of them are families like the Roells. They’ve been going all out for America at Greystone since they became Members in 2003.The Roell Family 2007

The Roell’s children are now grown, but their youngest, Audrey, was just four years old that first year. Celebrating the 4th of July at Greystone is all she’s known and her mother Sherrye Roell wouldn’t have it any other way. Sherrye insists that Independence Day at the Club is one of the best events held at Greystone.

A Family Tradition

Spending time at Greystone and enjoying the 4th of July activities is “like being at a resort,” says Sherrye. “When we joined, we loved the fact there was a lot for our children – swimming, sports camps, and more.” Mrs. Roell further notes that Greystone has a wonderful ability to incorporate children into every aspect of the Club - something on full display each July.

Young Audrey would always plan ahead, and ensure she had enough time to decorate her wagon and bike for the annual Radio Flyer Children’s Parade. Her daughter’s enthusiastic participation is one of Sherrye’s fondest memories. Audrey would style herself in her most patriotic ensemble and run as hard as she could to beat her brothers. 

An All-American Celebration

Along with the parade, Greystone families enjoy a full schedule of all-American activities. 

The fun begins with a pool party at the Founders Clubhouse. Then, throughout the day,  children can participate in sack races, a watermelon grab, water balloon fights, cornhole competitions, and more. 

Later in the day there is a complimentary kids carnival complete with a live DJ, festive games, balloon animals, and snow cones. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone to enjoy some whimsical fun and form great memories. 

Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Beyond children’s activities, the most anticipated and popular event for Greystone is the fireworks show at dusk. The entire community attends, coming together under the summer night sky, with views of the Club as the perfect backdrop. 

“The fireworks are always the highlight of the night,” says Sherrye. “It’s very moving to be out on a blanket on the hill  behind the Clubhouse. The view is phenomenal. Just when you think it can’t get better, it does. You can’t not feel patriotic.” 

For Sherrye, it’s difficult to choose just one year that stands out from the rest, when it comes to the annual Independence Day tradition. It’s a wonderful thought to know her children will always associate this holiday with great times at Greystone.

Click here for the schedule of events for this year’s Festivities held on Saturday, July 2-4, 2022 at Greystone. All events are for members and their guests! It’s a Greystone Tradition to welcome the entire neighborhood each year to join us for the fireworks.

The Greystone Community

Along with all the planned events, the community of Greystone – its Members and residents – enjoy impromptu gatherings and chances to socialize in celebration of America. 

For those interested in joining the Club and having the chance to experience all the excellent annual Greystone traditions, Sherrye strongly recommends a visit. Greystone has become a “community and a family” she says and opened new doors for her family.

“When you’re a Member of the Club,” says Sherrye, “you meet people that you may not have met otherwise that live in other areas of Greystone. You all have something in common….you love the Greystone community.”

Greystone’s community also extends to its staff. According to Sherrye, many of the staff members have become friends. “I’ll never forget the sacrifice the employees make each holiday. Their love of service is amazing.” 

Giving your family life-long memories around all the special events that Greystone offers is one of the biggest pluses to becoming a Member.

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