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Will You Find Yourself at Greystone?

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The best moments in life are those we enjoy with family and friends. It’s why Members look to Greystone Golf & Country Club as not just a home away from home–it is their home. Watch our latest video below and “Find Yourself at Greystone.”


“Every time I step on this property, or every time I drive into the community, I never take it for granted,” says Member Eric Indovina. “There's so many little things and little moments in time that I can reflect back on and think that if I was not a Member of this Club, I would not have had those shared experiences with my kids.”


No matter your interest: golf, tennis, pickleball, social events, or simply reading a book while relaxing by the pool, you’ll discover Members at Greystone who share your passions. The moments you experience together can build the foundation of lifelong friendships.

“The people I've met here represent some of my very best friends in the world,” says Member Eric Indovina. “The relationships carry on outside of the Club, both from a family standpoint, where our families know each other, and the kids are friends, where we vacation together.”


The rolling green of Greystone provides the canvas for 36 unforgettable holes of championship golf. Its world-renowned courses–The Founders and The Legacy–promise thrilling challenges and endless hours of enjoyment to satisfy golfers at every level.

“You've got two very different golf courses,” explains Mark Blackburn, Director of Instruction at Greystone. “You've got the big country club environment over at Founders, and we host the PGA Tour Champions event there and then [The Legacy] is a little bit more of an intimate experience.”

Greystone is home to Regions Tradition every spring. Not only do Members have a front-row seat for the enormously popular event–one of five major championships on the PGA Champions tour–they also enjoy the unmatched golf facilities which have inspired more than a dozen PGA Tour players to call Greystone their home.

“When you're a golfer, you want to have amazing golf courses with great practice facilities that are always in good condition,” says Blackburn. “That's what the elite clubs have, and that's what we have for players here.”


A world-class country club is not only a refuge for you to relax and enjoy simple delights delivered with a personal touch, but it should also be an extension of your own home. Greystone is a community where you’re not only a Member, but a stakeholder, with a voice to help Greystone evolve and become even better. 

“We are a Member-owned club,” says Ashley Devine, Membership Marketing Director at Greystone. “And because of that, we're here for our Members. So as Members get together and want to see different things or want to see changes at their Club, we can usually make those things happen.”

The staff at Greystone welcome each Member as part of an extended family, dedicated to ensuring you enjoy next-level comfort in every corner of the Club and continually striving to fulfill your vision of what your Club should be. 


Ask any Member what draws them to Greystone and you’ll get a variety of responses. Couples, young and old, might be looking for a place to make new friends; others are seeking world-class golf courses to play where the Champions play. And of course, everyone loves to break bread with friends and experience incredible cuisine. 

For parents, Greystone is a place offering amenities that adults want as well as fun activities and a safe haven for their children. 

“As a husband and wife, we love to go out and just have a good time,” says Member Caleb Kennedy. “But it's even better if your kids are gonna have a great time too, so you don't have the ‘parent guilt.’ And we get to go meet our friends and have a good time while they're having a good time.”

Greystone is a place to enjoy your entire day, with venues designed to enhance those daily pleasures, giving you the perfect spot to reconnect with friends and build relationships.

“What's nice is I go and play tennis. And I look forward to seeing friends that I haven't seen for maybe a week or two, says Member Suzanne Wildmon. “And then we usually go out to lunch afterward at the Club, at Cellar, or at Legacy.”


The dining destinations at Greystone satisfy every craving and delight every palette. Executive Chef Alan Martin’s creations rival many of the best restaurants in Birmingham; while the variety of venues offer something special for any hour of the day.

“I have a passion for food, I have a passion for cooking,” says Martin. “Our family fast-casual restaurant, Cellar 91, you can come in and get really great casual food with contemporary twists to it. You can come for a special occasion to Aqua, our new fine dining restaurant. And then in the morning, you can come by our Cafe at Founders and get your favorite cup of joe, espresso, or cappuccino seven days a week.”


Wherever you are along life’s journey, the community at Greystone awaits.

“Whether you have a young family, you don't have a family at all or you're older in that retired phase, there's something for everybody here,” says Caleb Kennedy.

Greystone is your place to gather with friends, celebrate special occasions with family, and create life moments you and your loved ones will never forget.

“Over the years, families joined when they had kids in elementary school,” says Ashley Devine. “Those same kids now have already graduated college and have had their weddings here and they've come back to join the Club.”

“And now they're having children of their own. And I think that's what makes the Club so special is when you can see all those different generations and see them all enjoying time together in one place.”

Do you see yourself at Greystone? To find out more about becoming a Member, please download our Membership Guide. New call-to-action