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The Moore Family: Power of Community at Greystone Golf & Country Club

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As anyone who has ever been to Greystone Golf & Country Club can attest, it is a place like no other. Home to two of the most beautiful golf courses in the Southeast, Greystone also serves as a haven for families looking for a supportive, welcoming environment for their children to grow and thrive. 

One such family is the Moore’s, who have found Greystone to be a platform to bring people together for a greater purpose—be it through showcasing their son’s musical talent or by hosting a fundraising event for a non-profit.

Mario and Angela Moore live in Greystone Legacy and have found it to be an incredibly supportive place to raise their three children Ty, Alyssa, and Tanner. Their home overlooks the tenth green, just eight houses away from the newly redesigned Legacy Clubhouse

Like many families at Greystone, the Moores enjoy their time at both Founders and Legacy. “I tend to play golf more at Legacy but we go to dinner as a family a little more at Founders,” said Mario. They also take advantage of the pool, tennis, and pickleball courts at Founders. The Moore’s youngest son, Tanner, loves attending the Regions Tradition Celebrity Pro-Am held at Greystone each year with his buddies. 

Ady’s Army Fundraising Event 

The Legacy Clubhouse sports an indoor-outdoor bar on a beautiful patio overlooking the waterfalls at Legacy. It is here where the Moore family has hosted a fundraiser for Ady’s Army for the past two years. Ady’s Army is a non-profit helping families with children with ADS (Autism Spectrum Disorder), like the Moore’s daughter, Alyssa. They aim to provide respite for families with children with ASD as they understand the common challenges they face.

There is a related program just outside of Austin, Texas, called Brookwood in Georgetown (BiG). BiG is a vocational community dedicated to providing people with disabilities a place to live, learn, and work. This inspired the Moore’s to join forces with the founders of Ady’s Army to bring a similar community to the Birmingham area, Ady’s BiG Army

The purpose is to change the way society views people with special needs. They aim to provide a platform for folks to create beautiful, marketable items to sell and sustain the vocational community where they live. The first phase of bringing BiG to Birmingham is by starting a vocational program.

“It will serve eight adults,” says Mario, “starting with three days a week and eventually five days a week. They will have jobs and we will teach them life skills. They will have purpose. And then we're going to sell their wares to support the program and continue to build.”  

And so, for the past two years, the Moore family has been hosting a fundraiser at Greystone to help create Ady’s BiG Army in Birmingham. 

The event itself is about 4 hours long, starting with an introduction, followed by golf, and ending with dining and enjoying live music. The golf format consists of a 4-man scramble, including a number of unique challenges for players to navigate.

 marshmallow man on greystone golf course“Greystone has always been very accommodating in allowing us to design unique hole experiences,” shared Mario. For instance, one of the challenges participants teed off with a giant marshmallow, a challenge dubbed “Marshmallow Man”. 

“Two years ago,” Mario said “we had just over 90% participation in the dinner afterward. This year we had 100% participation in the dinner.” Then after that, people stayed for almost 2 hours more listening to live music, socializing, and just having a good time. 

“Hats off to the Greystone service team that put that together,” said Mario. “I mean, they really do a fantastic job of focusing on the experience.”

Greystone is proud to be able to provide a space for people to come together for a greater cause. Many Members host similar events at Greystone with the help of the Catering & Events team. The team is passionate about helping create beautiful and memorable experiences for Members and guests alike. 

‘Thank You’ Greystone Community 

Daugter Alyssa and son Ty on Greystone golf courseHosting a fundraiser at Greystone also created opportunities for the Moore’s eldest son, Ty, to practice his musical passion. Ty played at the fundraiser both years. Greystone has provided opportunities outside of this event for Ty to share his music, too, often on the back patio of Founders. He hopes to pursue a career in music and is attending The University of North Alabama. 

Mario expressed his gratitude saying, “We’ve had nothing but support from the entire Greystone community, and it's just been wonderful,” remarked Mario.

The Moore family exemplifies what makes Greystone so special—the warm sense of community that radiates from its Members, both old and new alike. 

 There are plenty of opportunities available here for families to explore their interests in ways both big and small. Whether it be hosting events like Ady’s Army or allowing your child to showcase their musical talents on stage or just having access to some beautiful golf courses–Greystone offers something for everyone. 

   Pictured: Ady Schubert of Ady's BiG Army and Son Ty playing at Ady’s Army event.

If you have an event coming up, big or small, consider hosting it through Greystone. Speak with our Catering Managers or fill out this form to start planning your perfect event today.