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Aqua Makes a Splash as New Exclusive Birmingham Restaurant

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There are so many ways being a Member at Greystone can make your life more enjoyable. Now you can add having access to some of the freshest and best prepared seafood in all of Alabama to the list. The new Aqua restaurant inside the freshly renovated Legacy Clubhouse at Greystone Golf & Country Club promises to deliver excellence with a view. 

“Our number-one concern is Member experience,” says Executive Chef Alan Martin. “Some of our Members come two or three times a week. You can’t just be good occasionally. You really have to be consistent.”

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Fresh From the Gulf and Direct to Greystone


As a chef and former restaurant owner, Martin has been working with Greg Abrams Seafood of Panama City, Florida, for more than 25 years. It’s a relationship that will serve Members and their guests at Greystone very well in the form of seafood that goes from the ocean to the table in 24 hours. 

Greg Abrams’ boats radio into shore each day what they’re catching. That could be grouper, red snapper, flounder, or pompano, for example. Chef Martin can use this information to decide what he’s going to put on his menu at Aqua the next day.

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“I order it before it even gets to the dock,” Martin says. “Fish in a restaurant is all about you knowing the source and the quality of the fish you’re getting, and for them to know what you expect. They know our standards, and it really ensures the highest quality and the freshest fish.”

Martin sees that many Members have been focused on wellness and eating healthier for some time now, and that fish often plays a part in their diet. At the same time, he says there are still a good number of Members who have their favorites and will expect them to still be on the menu. They won’t be disappointed. Aqua will always offer the mouthwatering Aqua Burger alongside filet mignon, pan-roasted chicken, and other long-time favorites.

The World Is Your Oyster Bar

friending dining at aquaGreystone Members who crave variety are in for a treat at Aqua. The impressive collection of seafood starters will include not only freshly shucked oysters and a jumbo shrimp cocktail, but also a tuna poke, the chef’s sushi roll of the day, and a Grand Seafood Plateau with a tower of oysters, shrimp, lobster tail, and crab.  

While the restaurant will offer fish from all over (Scottish salmon is on the menu, for example) there will be a special emphasis on fresh fish from the Gulf. That includes red snapper, blue crabs, and three different kinds of shrimp.

Aqua Wine Service._webMartin expects the menu to change monthly, according to what vegetables are in season, and the reaction Aqua gets from Members and their guests. He also plans to tweak a favorite dish at Greystone, the Tomato Salad, by adding lobster meat and a citrus aioli.

While Gulf red snapper has always been popular at Greystone, Martin says it’s really up to Members to determine what will be the signature dish at Aqua. “It’s a Membership that’s very appreciative and thankful for what you do,” he says. “Every day we get people saying thanks. You get instant feedback, which is just amazing.”

Best of Food, Drink, Company, and Space

Legacy Fire PitEvery meal will feel special at the new restaurant Aqua. Members will enjoy the renovated Clubhouse space with its vaulted ceilings and elegant fireplace. There will also be plenty of outdoor dining space thanks to the large, covered patio area (complete with three fire pits and an outdoor bar). Imagine, sipping a glass of wine, craft cocktail, or cold beer on the expansive patio and looking out over the waterfalls on the newly reconstructed Legacy Course. Just wait until the leaves turn brilliant fall colors with the backdrop of the mountainside; what a beautiful way to spend an evening!

It will be the perfect place to gather with friends and family or have a romantic dinner for two. Aqua will be open for dinner Wednesday through Saturday while the Legacy Grill will serve Members Thursday - Tuesday.New call-to-action