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Improving Your Golf Game at Greystone

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One of the beauties of golf is that the game can be as competitive or relaxing as you want and there’s always the potential for the next shot to brighten your day. 

Golf legend Ben Hogan once said, “A well-hit golf shot is a feeling that goes up the shaft, right through your hands and into your heart.”

The goal for a lot of golfers is to get that feeling more often—whether you’re a PGA Pro or a weekend warrior trying to break 100 for the first time. Another common aspiration for people just starting out with the game is to build up the confidence to play regularly with friends and family.

Greystone Golf & Country Club has earned a reputation for being one of the best places in the Southeast for serious golfers, but thanks to its welcoming culture and plethora of practice amenities, it’s also one of the best places for people to learn the game or simply maintain their skills as they age.

“I think we've got great practice facilities on both courses (Legacy and Founders) and you can work on your full game at either,” says Dr. Sam Goldstein. Dr. Goldstein and his wife, Denise, joined Greystone more than a decade ago and have built many friendships through golf. Because Greystone has two Championship courses, Members enjoy the opportunity to play seven days a week. When one course is hosting an event or tournament, Members can play the other course.

Dr. Goldstein started playing as a teenager but took a “golf vacation” when his kids were growing up so he could do more things with them. Now he’s retired and, although he describes himself as “a crappy golfer,” he gets to play a couple times a week with friends and really enjoys it. For several years he’s been training with Brian Speakman, PGA, who is a Lead Instructor at the Blackburn Golf Academy.

“The advantage of working consistently with the same instructor is it allows you to build upon prior lessons,” says Dr. Goldstein. “I would say it’s quite a bit easier to do that. Not only do they know your faults, but they also know your abilities.”

One of Dr. Goldstein’s strengths is his determination to enjoy life. Last year, he needed knee replacement surgery.
“I'm about nine months out now,” he says. “Recovering from any kind of injury or a major surgical procedure does change your golf swing and your golf game…being able to work with a professional and having the facilities to practice definitely aids in that.”

“Most of what we do is at the performance center,” says Dr. Goldstein. He likes the technology available and the fact that he can practice comfortably in any kind of weather.

Greystone Members enjoy year-round access to the 2,500-square-foot Greystone Golf Performance Center, home to the Blackburn Golf Academy. Members can take advantage of the three indoor teaching bays outfitted with motion-tracking cameras for swing analysis and custom club fitting (which can dramatically improve a player’s scores almost overnight).
Dr. Goldstein has also participated in several of the group clinics offered at Greystone throughout the year. The short game one stands out in his mind.

“I think there are real advantages to both the consistency of a single professional as well as being able to utilize some of the specializations that they have at our academy.”

Great Place to Start

Denise, Dr. Goldsein’s wife, only really started golfing when the family joined Greystone. Her goal was to build up the confidence to play regularly with friends and she definitely achieved that. She’s taken lessons with Liz Mattioli, an LPGA Class A Member and Lead Instructor at Greystone. Liz says 60 percent of the golfers she teaches are female.

Denise also used golf to help her recover from injuries to her knee and rotator cuff and now she plays regularly with friends and when the couple goes on vacations. She has taken part in several of the clinics Liz helps organize specifically for women. Denise also plays in the monthly ‘Wine and Nine’ event hosted by the Greystone Ladies Golf Association.

The Goldsteins take vacations with other Greystone Members and golf helps keep them connected to friends and family.Goldsteins with Grandkids

Training the Next Generation 

Now, the Goldsteins are using Greystone to help introduce their five grandchildren to golf. The kids got a taste of it during their time at Greystone Summer Camp.

At Greystone, Juniors can take part in PDEV Junior Development, PGA Sports Academy, PGA Junior League, private instruction, Girls Golf, and summer camps. All these opportunities for young and old to practice and improve are part of the Greystone community’s mentality of instilling a love for the game in people whether they start playing at age five or age 50.

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