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Improving Your Game: Benefits of a Golf Performance Center

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putting on a green - golf performance center

All golfers, regardless of their experience level or ability, can benefit from quality instruction and regular practice, to build and sharpen the fundamental skills needed for this great game. Greystone Golf & Country Club is fortunate to have a world-class golf performance center where golfers can find resources to help improve every aspect of their game.

Six certified instructors offer group programs and individual coaching at the Greystone Performance Center (GPC) for golfers of any age or playing level. Brian Speakman PGA, Director of Operations/CFO, is the GPC’s Lead Instructor. He has a passion for teaching. “The fun thing about being an instructor is that every day is different,” Speakman said. “We work with, and offer programs for ladies, young juniors, competitive juniors, beginning adults, and weekend warriors. Everything is customized. And with what we’re teaching -- whether it’s full swing, short game, putting -- every day and every hour is different.”

Having the 2,500-square-foot GPC open since 2015 as a dedicated, familiar space for training has helped more golfers easily access ways to improve their game, Speakman said, especially at Greystone, which features two 18-hole Championship courses. “The center is open and inviting for the membership to come down and ask a question. We have an open door for anybody and everybody to meet us, check the place out, and see what is offered here.”

Inside The Golf Performance Center

The GPC’s coaching staff organizes group programs for juniors, ladies, and men, designed for the everyday golfer or the weekend warrior, Speakman said. Personalized club fitting and club repair are available. “We have a lot of tools, and we pull whatever is needed for the individual,” he said.

Among the tools offered at the center are an array of cutting-edge technologies, from launch monitoring to green reading to biofeedback. Multi-camera V1 motion analysis allows someone to view their swing during and after a lesson in high speed or slow motion playback.

Taking advantage of this sophisticated equipment gives any golfer the specific, actionable information they need to improve their game, Speakman said. “The feedback they’re able to get during a lesson here, versus just having a lesson on the range where they can’t see themselves or what the club and the ball are doing, means they gain a much better understanding of what they need to work on when they walk away from that lesson.” 

Because it’s so accurate, technology also removes the opportunity for mistakes that all players can make when they depend on “feel” alone when working on their game, Speakman said. Among the other state-of-the-art technologies offered at the GPC are, ground reaction force analysis via force plates, 3D motion capture, HackMotion for biofeedback on wrist conditions, Sam Puttlab analysis, and Aimpoint green reading. “The big advantage there, again, is giving students the feedback of where we’re trying to get them to, rather than relying just on ‘feel,’ because everyone’s sense of “feel” changes over time,” Speakman said.

Getting In The Game

Consistent practice benefits any endeavor, and golf is no different. Working on the various aspects of your game year-round, no matter the weather or season, can bring positive results. And rotating which skill you are addressing -- perhaps your short irons one session, your putting stroke the next -- can help you stay positive and engaged while the body and brain absorb the practice you’ve put in. The GPC offers programs year-round, and three indoor hitting bays.

Golf is unique among sports in that it’s accessible at any age, so it’s never too late to begin learning this fun game. Working with the incredible tools available at GPC, along with the talented teaching staff, is a worthwhile investment in your golf game.

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