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A Greystone Ambassador’s Reflection on Memories and Community Growth

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Greystone Golf and Country Club has been the Gurley family’s home for the past 28 years.

Some of the family’s fondest memories—including hosting a few weddings—have all happened here. While the Gurley children are now grown up and living on their own, Quinton Gurley and Stephanie still call Greystone their home. 

Greystone Ambassadors 

With their children having flown the coop, Dr. Quinton and Mrs. Stephanie Gurley have opened up their home to new Club Members. “My wife and I are very active in the Club,” says Dr. Gurley. “Currently, we’re serving as Ambassadors for the Club.”

Dr. Gurley has held a seat on almost every committee at Greystone, including serving on the Board of Directors. He shares, “I’ve been on I think just about every Club committee that you can imagine since 1993.” He proceeds to list off his titles held on the Swim, Tennis, and Fitness Committee, the Food and Beverage Committee, the Board, the Disciplinary Committee, the Finance Committee, and more.

Due to their alumni status as active Committee Members, the Club asked Dr. and Mrs. Gurley to “facilitate new Member outings and talk about what makes the Club such a great place.” The Gurleys help new Members become incorporated into the Greystone community by accompanying them to events, going on golf outings, and even answering questions from prospective Members.  

Growing up with Greystone 

Mr. and Mrs. Gurley were among the first residents of the Greystone community, joining the Club when total membership was around 200  Members. Since then, the family has watched the Club blossom, expanding its amenities list to include more dining options, an Olympic-sized family pool, a diving board, an exercise center, an additional golf course, fitness center  and more. It was as if the Gurley children were being brought up alongside the Club. “When we joined, my William was 6, Lauren was 3, and Caroline was just a baby. They all grew up at Greystone.”

“My kids developed friendships that they’ll have for the rest of their lives through the Club,” reflects Dr. Gurley. The children joined the Greystone Gators Swim Team once it was established and participated in many other Club activities.

The Gurley daughters, Lauren and Caroline, even held their wedding receptions at the Club. Undeniably, this was a special moment for Mr. Gurley. “Over 200 of our closest personal friends that have watched my kids grow up were at the weddings. To be able to share those big events with all our friends who are Members of the Club was very special.”


Ode to Forrest Gump

Although Dr. Gurley has fond memories of the Club now, it wasn’t a quick sell to get him to move in back in 1993. “I was a little hesitant to join initially,” he says. His hesitation came from the type of community he thought the country club environment might attract. Dr. Gurley has since retired but worked as an anesthesiologist for 38 years. “I’ve dealt with a lot of people who have egos in the operating room, and I really didn’t want to come home and deal with it in the neighborhood.”

As it turned out, he shares, “I could not have been more wrong. The saying from Forrest Gump—you know, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get’—I’d have to say that the Greystone piece of chocolate turned out to be just perfect.”

Dr-gurley-friendsAs Dr. Gurley reflects on his many years at Greystone, he says that what he enjoys most about the Club is the community it fosters. Greystone is more than just a country club; it is a place where members can connect, socialize, and form lasting friendships. From his years of experience, he has come to believe that this is what makes Greystone Golf and Country Club truly special.

With its fabulous amenities, family-friendly environment, and strong sense of community, Greystone Golf and Country Club offers something for everyone. Mr. Gurley shares that if you can’t find something to do at Greystone, “you’re simply not looking very hard.” 

So what are you waiting for? Come and experience all that Greystone has to offer. Maybe the Gurleys will be your Member Ambassadors! 

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