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Nowlin & Associates’ Corporate Club Experience

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For over a decade, Justin and Kim Craft have found pride and fulfillment in being residents and Members of the Greystone community. By enjoying the finest golf, partaking in exquisite dining, and creating invaluable friendships, the Crafts have truly embraced the Greystone way of life.

Greystone has also become an integral part of Mr. Craft’s professional journey. Mr. Craft, President of wealth management firm Nowlin & Associates, recognizes the immense value Greystone offers. The Club has become a hub for their business, hosting their annual Christmas parties and the Nowlin Open and serving as a space to connect internally and with new or existing clients. Mr. Craft notes that the camaraderie and team chemistry built at Greystone surely has a positive impact on Nowlin’s company culture.

What’s Business Without a Little Golf?

“In our business, I have found that there’s a lot of commonality in golf—and people really enjoy getting out of the office,” says Mr. Craft. With Greystone being such a beautiful venue, it’s no wonder why employees jump at any opportunity to take clients to the Club for a few rounds. 

“It’s a great opportunity to build relationships with a lot of our clients. We very often bring a new or existing client to the Club.” Golf is a long game, presenting the perfect platform to build meaningful connections between Nowlin employees and their clients. 

“In fact, just recently I was able to bring a couple of members of our leadership team to Greystone to do some strategic planning. We huddled around a corner table in the cafe, drank endless cups of coffee, and hashed out our upcoming action items.”

The Nowlin Open 

Every year around May, the Nowlin team hits the golf course for the inaugurated Nowlin Open. This beloved company tradition has been going strong for 25 years, and the last 10 tournaments have taken place at Greystone. Employees of all skill levels, both seasoned pros and casual players, come and join in on the fun.

“The Greystone events team does a tremendous job helping us plan and organize the event,” Mr. Craft shares. “When we show up to play, everything runs seamlessly.” Service staff help Nowlin employees load their bags into carts, and they provide golf balls, hats, sunscreen, and anything else needed to create a perfect golfing experience.  

Mr. Craft makes a point to note that “the staff is tremendous,” whether on the course or at the clubhouse for lunch. “They do everything they can to make the Nowlin Open an enjoyable experience, resulting in it becoming something our team looks forward to every year.”

The Nowlin Christmas Party

Mr. Craft utilizes Greystone for the Nowlin Christmas party, too. When it comes to coordinating linens or making recommendations on food and beverage pairings, “the staff is acutely aware of what our needs are and never miss a single detail.” 

Mr. Craft continues, “The annual Christmas party is truly awesome.” Nowlin employees are invited to dress to the nines—men in tuxedos and women in evening gowns. The group commemorates the evening by snapping a team photo by the seasonally decorated fireplace. 

“We start with a cocktail hour to socialize and then transition to a sit-down dinner.” Following dinner, a few members of the Nowlin team are invited to speak, where they always make sure to give thanks and be grateful for all the hard work that was completed over the year. 

The evening concludes with a Nowlin tradition. “Don’t ask me how it started,” Mr. Craft says with a laugh, “but every year all the new members of the team lead us in singing ‘Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer.’” The singing starts off with just the new members, but pretty soon the whole ballroom joins in—Greystone staff, too. 

Consistent Greatness 

It’s clear to see that the staff at Greystone always go the extra mile to ensure a positive event experience with a personal touch. “I’ve had some leaders in our industry come from Washington, D.C.” Of course, Mr. Craft took these members out to Greystone during their visit. “Without even asking, the staff put the names of the elite guests on their designated cart, so when the guests arrived, they felt welcome.” Mr. Craft comments, “You know, there’s something special about seeing your name on something. It is such a thoughtful and personal touch.”

Mr. Craft reflects, “The whole Club experience means a lot to us. My wife and I utilize [the Club] personally, but as you can tell, we get a lot of professional use out of it, too. I am so thankful for the Greystone staff and all they do. Really. In my eyes, Greystone is the best, most friendly club around.”

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Whether people come for personal or professional reasons, Greystone has the unique ability to meet the needs of all who come through its doors. For more information about reserving a space for a corporate event or to discuss a corporate membership, consider downloading the Membership Guide or reaching out to the events team

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