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The Corporate Advantages Available at Greystone Golf and Country Club

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In the fast-paced world of corporate leadership, fostering a positive workplace culture is essential for attracting and retaining top talent. Many of Alabama’s top executives gravitate towards Greystone Golf & Country Club because the community offers them a chance to both enjoy life to the fullest and grow business at the same time.

Networking Opportunities

The ever-welcoming warmth of Greystone Members, combined with the picturesque setting, creates the ideal environment for building strong relationships. The Clubhouses, golf courses, and various events hosted by the Club offer endless opportunities to connect with peers, wow potential clients, and interact with industry influencers.

mr-craft-corporate-golf (1)“In our business, I have found that there’s a lot of commonality in golf—and people really enjoy getting out of the office,” says Mr. Craft, President of Nowlin & Associates, a wealth management firm.

Bringing people out to play a round of golf is, “a great opportunity to build relationships with a lot of our clients. We very often bring a new or existing client to the Club.”

“In fact, just recently I was able to bring a couple of members of our leadership team to Greystone to do some strategic planning. We huddled around a corner table in the cafe, drank endless cups of coffee, and hashed out our upcoming action items.” Members have found that strengthening professional relationships in such a relaxed setting can lead to valuable business partnerships and collaborations.

Mr. Craft goes on to acknowledge the significant value provided by Greystone. The Club serves as a central hub for their business activities, including hosting annual Christmas parties and the Nowlin Open–an annual company golf event. Mr. Craft emphasizes that the camaraderie and team chemistry cultivated at Greystone undoubtedly contribute positively to Nowlin's company culture.

Mr. Craft makes a point to note that “the staff is tremendous,” whether on the course or at the Clubhouse for lunch. “They do everything they can to make being at the Club an enjoyable experience, resulting in it becoming a place our team looks forward to going to whenever possible.”

Strengthening Teams

Patrick Werrlein, another Greystone Member, is a President at Swagelok and leads a team that covers several southern states and international business in the Caribbean and Central America. When it comes time to gather his leadership team for quarterly meetings or planning his holiday party (pictured), Mr. Werrlein turns to the hospitality team at Greystone for support.

Swagelok holiday party“We’ll go use the Club’s boardroom as an extension of our office. It’s a place we can go to that removes us from the day-to-day office operations, allowing for space to think strategically during quarterly meetings.”

“This is great because whenever you’re doing off-site meetings, you’re trying to maximize the time you have.” For Mr. Werrlein, whose leadership team is spread across the southern half of the United States, it is critical to maximize meeting time when everyone is gathered together.

An Investment Worth its Weight in Gold

Investing in a Corporate Membership at Greystone is a strategic move that elevates your workplace culture. By providing your employees with access to an exclusive and enriching environment, you are contributing to their well-being, happiness, and overall job satisfaction.

A great benefit of the Corporate Membership is that it is fully transferable. Once purchased by a company, the investment can be transferred as executives come and go, and additional Corporate Memberships can be easily added at a reduced rate.

“For me, it's been a way to care for my team and my leaders,” says Harry Pearson, CEO of OneAscent. “We have 43 employees, and Greystone gives us a chance to build a relationship with them, to serve them, allow them to have some fun, whether it's lunch or dinner, or comradery, or playing [golf] there at the Club.”

In turn, this investment pays dividends in terms of increased productivity, improved teamwork, and a more enjoyable workplace for everyone. Take the step toward creating a workplace that goes beyond the ordinary–choose Greystone Golf & Country Club for your Corporate Membership and watch your company culture flourish.