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Greystone Golf & Country Club: An Extension of the Southern Swagelok Office

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Patrick Werrlein is a man of many hats: southern distribution president and owner of Swagelok, father, husband, Greystone board member, teammate, golfer, neighbor, and friend.

He sports all of these hats at the same place—Greystone Golf & Country Club. Greystone uniquely offers a location that meets the demands of every facet of life. Through the dedication to quality service, thoughtful planning for masterful events, and an emphasis on building community, Greystone has everything needed inside its gates for family, friends, and businesses alike to flourish.

In 2016 the Werrlein family moved to Birmingham, Alabama where Mr. Werrlein was keen on settling his family in an environment where they would not just live, but thrive.

This led to the decision for the Werrlein family to move into the Greystone neighborhood. Everything they could want from a community seemed to exist within its grounds. Access to recreational sports, a pool, brilliant golf courses, delightful food, and most importantly, like-minded people the family could instantly connect with after moving in—not to mention a very short commute to work for Mr. Werrlein.

Greystone’s Supportive Role to Swagelok

Mr. Werrlein could not imagine his life without Greystone. The community plays an integral role in his life, both from a personal and business perspective. Mr. Werrlein is the southern distribution president of an authorized sales and service center of Swagelok serving Alabama, Central and South Florida, West Tennessee, Puerto Rico, and parts of Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, and the Caribbean.

When it comes time to gather the southern region’s leadership team for quarterly meetings, Mr. Werrlein turns to the hospitality team at Greystone for support.

“We’ll go use the Club’s boardroom as an extension of our office. It’s a place we can go to that removes us from the day-to-day office operations, allowing for space to think strategically during quarterly meetings.”Boardroom

“Upon arrival,” he continues, “the Greystone team has the room all set up for us—it’s very inviting. The projector is up, and the snacks, or whatever it be, are all laid out. We have the luxury just to walk in and get started.” 

In addition to utilizing the boardroom and having access to snacks, meeting attendants can grab a coffee from The Founder’s Cafe, which functions like a mini Starbucks. People can order their frappuccinos and get situated before the full-day meeting commences, and they can sip on their drinks as they stand on the balcony overlooking the driving range as people play.

“It’s a great way to set the tone for a successful meeting,” reflects Mr. Werrlein.

The team also has access to Cellar 91, one of the Club’s restaurants; they can either have food delivered to the boardroom or break to go sit in for a meal.

“This is great because whenever you’re doing off-site meetings, you’re trying to maximize the time you have.” For Mr. Werrlein, his leadership team is spread across the southern half of the United States, so it is critical to maximize meeting time when everyone is gathered.

Quarterly Meetings With a Twist


One particular year, after the leadership quarterly ended, the team hit the pickleball courts for a team-building exercise. Some members of the team brought their own paddles; for others, it was their first time on a court. Regardless of skill level, everyone enjoyed the team outing and bonus activity.

“Once we finished our meeting in the early afternoon, we went and spent two hours getting trained on how to play the game. We were able to grab some drinks and then just walk down to the pickleball courts. It was a very fun team-building event,” recounts Mr. Werrlein.

Event Planning for All Occasions 

“It’s never just a meeting room or just a restaurant you go to. It’s an entire experience where they cover everything,” says Mr. Werrlein. Every interaction is thoughtful and performed to the highest standard. The quality service Greystone consistently provides allows Mr. Werrlein to feel proud to have Greystone function as an extension of his business.

Swagelok holiday partyMr. Werrlein has even held the Swagelok holiday party at Greystone in previous years. The Greystone event coordinating team asked what Mr. Werrlein was looking to put together and ran with it from there. “They put together an entire program for us, sparing no details, including [putting up] balloon arches, booking a live musician and comedian for entertainment, even coordinating a coach bus to pick up people from the airport.” It was a full-service event, and Greystone used all of the resources it had to make it spectacular.

As the owner and president of his company, Mr. Werrlein takes extra care to provide enjoyable experiences for his team members, which is something everyone has come to value.

Whether prepping a boardroom meeting with snacks, planning an extravagant event, or serving a club sandwich poolside, service at Greystone is constant. “What I always like is, when I go to Greystone, everyone knows who I am and treats my team as an extension of my family.”

Greystone Golf & Country Club puts importance on all the things you value most, whether that’s your business, spending quality time with your family, being involved in a like-minded community, or all of the above. Greystone is committed to treating everyone you bring to the Club as an extension of our own family. Consider hosting your next business event through Greystone. We would be more than happy to assist you.