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From Family Legacy to Greystone Membership: The Brashier Journey

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Here is a story of family, tradition, and an unexpected twist that led the Brashier family to Greystone. Mark and his sons Chase and Logan Brashier aren't just recent Greystone Corporate Members–their journey together is a testament to the power of family, shared passions, and finding your place in the world.

Growing up in the Birmingham area, the Brashier boys knew the Legacy Golf Course well. Rounds there were a treat, enjoyed through invitation. But it never felt like their own. Back then, who could have guessed that one day they'd be walking the fairways not as guests, but as Members–a part of the Greystone family.

The Brashiers' bond goes far deeper than just golf. Family is paramount to them, and that passion extends to their work. B&B Roofing, Inc., a commercial roofing company serving Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi, is a Brashier family affair. Founded in 1984, it's a testament to their dedication to quality and hard work.

Initially, Mark steered his sons away from the family business, a difficult choice considering his own frequent travel for work: "It was tough," Mark confided, "and I was always on the road." However, Chase's birth led to a turning point. With a need to be more present, Mark transitioned into a more operational role. Years passed, and as his father approached retirement, a question emerged: had he been wrong to discourage his sons from the business after all?

Fate, it seems, had its own plans. After graduating from the University of Alabama, both Chase and Logan embarked on their own career paths. Ironically, those paths eventually led them to the same place–B&B Roofing. As Mark himself says, "Needless to say, having Chase and Logan actively seek out employment at B&B Roofing was a proud moment."

Today, the Brashier bunch divide and conquer at B&B Roofing. Mark, the President and Owner, leads the company with his sons by his side. Chase, the Vice President of Business Development, brings a fresh perspective and drive, while Logan, the Vice President of Project Development, ensures every project runs smoothly.

What if?

The Brashier family has a long history with Greystone. Over the years, invitations to tournaments and rounds with Members offered glimpses into the unique Greystone experience. But it wasn't until this year's Blalock Annual Charity Tournament that a seed was planted, leading the Brashiers to become an integral part of the Greystone community.

“We were invited to play in a tournament hosted by Steven Blalock, a Greystone Member and the owner of Blalock Building Company.” B&B Roofing has been attending this charity event for the past 3 years. This year both Logan and Chase were able to accompany their father, Mark.
This year was Logan’s first time to play in the tournament. His attendance changed how the Brashier family would relate to Greystone from there on out. 

It was during a warm-up session on the driving range that a casual conversation turned into something more. "Logan threw his arm around me and said, 'Pops, wouldn't it be amazing to be Members here?'" Mark chuckled, remembering the moment. "I just said, 'Boy, that would be something.'"

But Logan's comment sparked a thought in Mark's mind. Growing up in Birmingham, he'd witnessed Greystone's evolution firsthand. "Becoming a Member always felt like a distant dream," he admitted. "I never seriously considered pursuing it."

Beyond the Green 

While the Brashiers are all avid golfers, especially since the boys' college baseball days have ended, golf wasn't the only motivator for Membership.

Neither Logan nor I have kids just yet, but Logan and Summer are expecting their first child in September," shared Chase. “We're still at that phase of life where we're all-embracing God's timing, and as a family, we believe Greystone is the perfect environment to raise our future families."

“I think for me and my wife Kendall,” Chase continues. “Greystone isn't solely about golf or socializing; it is more than that. We see it as a place we can call home." 

The professional aspect also held significant appeal. The Club's facilities provide a unique space to foster business relationships. "There's no better place to network and build connections than at Greystone," Chase remarked. "The opportunities to meet new people, both personally and professionally, were a major draw for us."

Becoming Members 

After connecting with Ashley Devine, Greystone's Membership Director, the Brashiers gained a comprehensive understanding of the Corporate Membership option. Learning about the ease of booking tee times, the ability to host clients for meals and rounds, the inclusion of their spouses, and the potential to extend Membership to B&B Roofing employees in the future, solidified their decision.

On December 1, the Brashier father-sons trio officially became Greystone Corporate Members. Now, as they polish their clubs and prepare to hit the course, they're eagerly anticipating being a part of the vibrant Greystone community.

So, the next time you're teeing off at Greystone, keep an eye out for the Brashier family. Be sure to extend a warm welcome to these enthusiastic new Members!