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Winning Business: Tips for Hosting a Perfect Corporate Golf Outing

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For ages, companies have been utilizing golf as a way to team-build, network, fundraise, and entertain clients. We spoke with Bill Gray to hear about his unique experience hosting an annual golf fundraiser for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Mr. Gray is the Metro-Area Director for the FCA in the greater Birmingham area. Since 1954, FCA, an international organization, has been encouraging coaches and athletes at all levels to utilize sports as a platform for spreading the message of Jesus Christ. FCA’s mission is to engage, equip, and empower individuals in communities worldwide to unite and inspire change through the Gospel.

As a part of their outreach, the Greater Birmingham FCA hosts a variety of sports-focused events throughout the year—and their annual golf tournament has become a recent favorite.

The Greater Birmingham FCA Golf Tournament 

For the past several years, Greystone has helped host the Greater Birmingham FCA Golf Tournament, which has served as a major fundraiser for the non-profit organization, on Founders.

“This is the fifth or sixth event we’ve held at this course,” says Mr. Gray. “I know we get a lot of individuals that come simply because it gives them access to play the course. It goes without saying that the course is immaculate. However, even with a nice course, [the event] wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have great people hosting it.”

He shares that Greystone Director of Golf Steve Smith and Head Pro John Gibbons “do a tremendous job each time we come. They treat us like we’re the only people there, and it’s been really special.”

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Creating Special Moments 

One of the most memorable moments was when Steve went above and beyond to help plan and execute the event by becoming part of it. 

“We’re a ministry, so we’re faith-based,” says Mr. Gray. “I knew Steve to be a man of faith as well. Every year, I have somebody speak to our group for a few minutes about FCA and a little bit about their faith. One year, I asked Steve to speak, which he easily accepted. This meant a lot to us.”

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Since FCA started holding the tournament at Greystone, Mr. Gray says he’s seen the outing grow considerably, and most telling, in his opinion, is the return rate of the participants. 

“Of the 50 groups from last year, 45 came back, so somebody’s doing something good—and I know it’s probably not us,” he jokes. FCA outing 3

All kidding aside, Mr. Gray attributes a lot of the event’s success to the staff at Greystone, who he says are always willing to go the extra mile.

“We’ve been able to gross over $100,000 the last two years with this event. We weren’t anywhere close to that five years ago,” says Mr. Gray of the success of the annual FCA outing.

“Our ministry has really benefited from the location and the growth of the event—and the only reason for the growth is because of the experience that [people] get when they come.”

A successful golf outing involves more than just the course; it requires dedicated staff who go out of their way to create memorable experiences. The partnership between the Greater Birmingham FCA and Greystone exemplifies this, with the tournament’s growth and participants’ high return rate showcasing the impact of exceptional service and genuine hospitality. 

As Mr. Gray attests, the success of their annual outing has not only benefited FCA’s ministry but also fostered a sense of community and support that transcends the game itself.