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How Private Clubs Can be Used for Business

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The workplace has changed drastically over the last year, and so has the notion that work needs to be conducted from an office. Many companies are moving to a remote work environment more permanently, and people are looking to conduct business outside of their homes. Work teams are finding creative ways to be “together while apart.” And while busy executives have found themselves attending fewer in-person meetings than ever before, the need to connect has never been greater. Private clubs like Greystone Golf & Country Club provide a unique balance of remote work options and relationship building opportunities.

Remote and Co-Working Options

Working at home every day, surrounded by all your other responsibilities, can be challenging. The ideal flexible workspace away from home is uncluttered, quiet but not silent, with great snacks and, of course, super fast and reliable WiFi! As a workspace solution, many people turned to co-working space as a middle ground between home offices and the traditional office environment. 

Co-working brings the possibility of community, while also removing you from the distractions of daily home life. These adaptable spaces that had been left empty during the height of the pandemic are filling up again. Research shows that there are more than 35,000 co-working spaces across the world, and that number is expected to rise. Co-working space, as a percentage of total office space, nearly doubled from 2017 to 2020.

“The past year has made everyone appreciate the value of community,” said David Porter, CCM, General Manager. “Our goal is to foster relationships, and that includes business relationships. Greystone is an excellent place to work and conduct business.”

Make Team Gatherings More Productive

Dispersed teams can be extremely productive even while being apart, but there is still tremendous value in gathering in person to create connections and focus. While apart, you can build rapport among your team members by assigning buddy pairs to check in on each other, offering encouragement and a supportive ear. When you bring your team together occasionally, make sure to include plenty of time on the agenda so everyone can catch up with each other in an authentic way.

For in-person meetings, it’s become essential to accommodate both team members who are remote and those who are meeting face-to-face. Having a staff to manage video conferencing set-up while also catering to in-person meeting attendees with food and beverages can make or break a meeting. The Greystone catering team has been working seamlessly for years with members to make sure work teams maximize their time together.

Build Camaraderie By Learning Together 

Research shows that shared experiences build connections among people. This is one of the reasons the golf club has long been an ideal setting to create and build relationships with people, including business relationships. Much can be learned about people over the course of a round of golf - integrity, empathy, honesty and attention to detail. Relationships developed through golf clubs like Greystone Golf & Country Club have helped solidify many professional relationships and led to many important business deals. 

Of course, the true value of a private club as it relates to business varies on the type of business you’re in. And while there are tangible benefits of how a club can support and accommodate its members - both virtually and in person, business relationships come down to the members and the networks they create. While exploring private club membership, find a club whose members are people with whom you are most comfortable. Once you find people that you truly enjoy, your business opportunities will follow.