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COVID-19: What it Means for New Membership, Golf, Club Events, and More

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The COVID-19 crisis is impacting lives in unimaginable ways all around the world, including at Greystone. Like everyone, we're hopeful that this fluid situation stabilizes soon. We want you to know that while we're still accepting applications for new membership, we're also taking action to protect members, staff, and our community right now.

Together with a newly formed Medical Advisory Committee, we've instituted the following changes to adjust how Greystone operates in response to COVID-19:

  • In compliance with CDC and state guidelines, we've encouraged all Greystone members and staff to stay home if they feel ill.
  • As of this writing, we’re still offering unrestricted daily golf play and tennis. (Availability of these amenities is an ongoing consideration and is subject to change.)
  • We've instituted even stronger sanitation guidelines, including cleaning golf carts after each round and limiting each golf cart to one player (with the exception of families playing together). To be completely sure we have the capacity to maintain this precaution, we've also rented 20 additional carts per course.
  • We are disinfecting the most-touched surfaces around the club at closer intervals.
  • We've closed all dining facilities and are offering carry-out service and pizza delivery to all members inside the gates of Greystone. 
  • We’ve closed our 24/7 Fitness Center and are now offering outdoor fitness classes limited to 10 members per class. 
  • We've cancelled all club functions scheduled for the next four weeks.

Note that the measures listed above will be evaluated and updated regularly to adapt to national and local health guidelines and hygiene recommendations. 

For more information on membership and what the rest of 2020 has to offer at Greystone, Membership Director Ashley Devine is here to answer your questions and concerns at (205) 986-5146 or adevine@greystonecc.com.

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